Mom's Journey


Published ByRobert K Reitmamn

Publish DateOct 10,2017 at 11:24 PM


This is how I hope it might have been for my Mom when she passed away.

Full Story:

Mom’s Journey
By Robert K Reitmann
Originally written in Dec of 2016

Lost son and daughter and daughter\’s son\’s, son
Towards the light, the little ones guide her
To the old man with a general\’s beard and balding head, hung low in sorrow
Together they walk, after the embrace, sickness, pain and age abate, young again together, towards the light
The uniformed young man releases her hand and a little girl rushes onward, waiting, the arms of sisters and brother, under smiling gaze of father and mother
Towards the light, together
A winter breeze, gently shakes the leaves, in view of the little table,
The coffee cup and empty chair…

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