Just One More Song


Published ByRobert K Reitmamn

Publish DateOct 10,2017 at 10:33 PM


A musician joins the victims of a tragedy on their final journey

Full Story:

Just one more song…
By Robert K Reitmann

There were many on the walk, that day
A sizeable throng, they wove their way
Foward, towards a blinding light
A vagabond traveller in their sight
Tall and thin, his hair long and yellow
A tall, worn hat, upon this fellow
A guitar slung, at the ready
He greated them all warmly, hugging many
His eyes tired but warm, he spoke kindly
Friends, I’m afraid I’ve done my last show, and I’m sorry, but it looks like, we all must go
So as we head out into this brightly lit dawn, I’ll sing and play us, just one more song.
The traveller played as he led the way, his voice echoed
They began to fade…

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