December 3, 2022

How to Sex Plain It: My Wife Doesnt Want to

“How to Talk Dirty to a Guy” is the new book on the market from sexplain it: My Wife Doesnt Want to Orgasm. author Lisa Olson lays out in an easy to understand manner exactly how to talk dirty to a guy so that you can give him the best blow jobs of his life, and the best sex of his entire life. In this one short book you will learn about using erotic talk to spice up your love life, and turning your partner on so much that he just can’t get enough of it. Is that normal?

Well, no. Most women don’t approach this subject in a normal way. Most women would be mortified at the idea of telling their significant other to “brush his teeth” or “bite me” in public, so they never do it. You would be amazed at how many husbands go along with these dirty talk instructions for the sole purpose of making their partners happy. It’s not uncommon to hear tales from wives of husbands who literally want to break out into song and tell their significant other how much they want them.

But isn’t that normal? Aren’t these guys just normal? No. If these things were being done in a normal way by a normal woman it would be considered highly unusual.

These “tricks” are being done by women who have been pent up for too long. When a woman is pent up she tends to shut down. She starts to feel a little needy. When pent up, a woman can’t help but notice the little things around her. As she listens to their husband talk to them, she starts wondering what is going on in his life.

The fact that this book teaches you how to talk dirty to your man may seem unimportant once you read through the following couple of chapters. But if you have ever felt the need to “give him what he wants” you will be relieved that you are now able to in a non-romantic way. By following the advice that you will find in “How to Sex Plain It: My Wife Doesn’t Want To,” you will be able to communicate with your man in a way that will make him happy. This will keep your relationship happy and healthy. If you find yourself in a passionate relationship, it is important to not take the negative reasons listed above for it.

If you find that your normal conversations with your man are ending in stalemate or angry yelling and arguments, then you will want to follow the advice found in this book. This will help you become intimate with your man again. Once you have mastered this technique you will find that it is easier than ever to spice up your normal conversations. This will have you having more meaningful conversations in no time at all.