How It Works

You can use CaféMocha as a place where you can post creative works without anyone judging you. At the same time, you can inspire millions of users with ideas they could never experience in high school.
Publishing in high school is very difficult. With Café Mocha, everyone is published; and you don’t need to go to a publishing company for people to know your ideas. Additionally, experts can then read your ideas and give you professional feedback. High School entrepreneurs can post an idea and determine the feasibility of their idea.
1.    Enter your paper, essay, book, story, or idea into The Café Mocha along with a title.
2.    If you want us to publish your name, enter it as well; otherwise, you can publish as anonymous.
3.    Wait for the magic to happen! People will comment and help you improve your product. At the same time, you will inspire them to innovate.

Here’s a video to further explain CafeMocha and how it works: